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Event Catering
Our catering services can accommodate any size, theme, or individuals requirements at 48 Wall Street. We have a variety of event catering options to choose from including seated dinners, buffets, cocktail parties, lunches, breakfast and more.
NYC Event Catering
Seated Dinners
We have a variety of catering options to choose from at 48 Wall Street that allows you to customize a menu to fit your needs.
48 Wall Street event catering
Cocktail Events
48 Wall Street is the perfect venue for a social event with specialty cocktails and delicious, creative cuisine.
Event Catering
Event Catering

Event Catering Services

The off-premise catering team is passionate about delivering a signature dining experience for guests at 48 Wall Street. Through creative preparation and seamless on-site execution, our cuisine, inspired spirits, and first-class hospitality is what separates us from the rest. Providing you with everything you need, we make it easy to successfully plan the food and beverage portion of your next social or corporate event. Complementing the ambience set by this incredible venue, our delicious cuisine will captivate and inspire your guests with its creative presentation. When MMEink’s culinary team is put into action, they will ensure that the main course is savory, the dessert is sweet, and the delivery is as good as the awe-inspiring venue that you have chosen.

Our Culinary Team

MME Group's Culinary Team uses creative menu planning and farm to table foods to create a dynamic dining experience for guests at both private and corporate events.

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When you host your dinner party at 48 Wall Street you can expect to enjoy a delicious dining experience. Our chefs and event professionals will help you create and design a delicious menu that will taste as bold as the venue.

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Hosting a cocktail reception at 48 Wall Street is truly a remarkable experience. Allowing guests the opportunity to explore the extraordinary space of 48 Wall Street while drinking specialty cocktails and enjoying delicious and creative cuisine makes it the perfect social setting for your guests.

Tailored Hospitality Services for upscale top tier event at 48 Wall Street in NYC


Having a luncheon at 48 Wall Street is a breeze with your trust partners MMEink. We provide a myriad of options for our clients including sit down lunches, buffet style or passed plates. Our creative culinary team provides the best ideas in food and beverage options when planning your event.

Custom Invitations and table setting event design at high end NYC event


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